Performance Measurement

Performance measurement refers to the selection, development and ongoing use of performance measures to guide decision-making. A sound performance measurement system is well integrated into daily operations and is supported by adequate resources. We work with your organization to develop user-friendly performance measurement systems that include:

  • Performance measures and targets
  • Measures dictionaries
  • Data collection tools
  • Data storage solutions
  • Data analysis and reporting plans

Program Evaluation

Evaluations are individual, systematic studies conducted to assess how well a program is working and why. Program evaluations are used to create more effective and efficient programs. Through program evaluation, existing programs can continuously be improved, and innovative approaches and emerging practices can be tested and supported. Program evaluations can assess the performance of a program at all stages of its development, the type of evaluation conducted being aligned with the program’s maturity. We support your organization to undertake program evaluation including:

  • Theory of Change
  • Logic Models
  • Indicator development
  • Data collection instruments
  • Data collection plans
  • Data analysis plans
  • Development of actionable recommendations