Pathways-2-Improvement provides comprehensive and customized consulting services that will allow you to make evidence-informed decisions.  Across the services we offer we use core competencies of professional ethics, interpretive decision-making, attention to culture, stakeholders and context, project management, facilitation, and visual and written communication to provide you with actionable recommendations.  Services we offer include:

Program Evaluation

We conduct evaluations in the non-profit, public and government sectors to demonstrate the relevance and value of programs and policies.  Our quality evaluations are used to support evidence-informed decision-making and to improve interventions. 

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement allows for the continuous monitoring and reporting of a program’s progress toward pre-determined targets. Monitoring a program’s performance allows program managers to gauge how well a program is moving toward desired end results, and enables managers to detect performance issues as they arise. Adjustments are made before additional time and resources are invested, steering the program back on the road to success.

Quality Improvement

We work with your team to improve workflow and service processes through the use of established quality improvement models, tools and techniques. Our goal is to help you make your processes the most efficient they can be.

Training & Teaching

P2I offers professional development opportunities to enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to produce quality evaluations and to use evaluation results.  We have designed PD opportunities using an array of mediums including webinars, online modules, in-person workshops and toolkits. Testimonials from participants describe our training and teaching as engaging, relevant, and informative.  

Software as a Service

P2I develops software to support the work of program planners and evaluators.  This is new territory for us which we embarked on in response to requests from our colleagues.  Our software is designed by evaluators for evaluators.  We are learning as we go so do share your experiences with us!

If you would like more information on P2I’s services, please contact us here.